Introducing Hocus Focus to Teachers

Hocus Focus™ offers Professional Development training programs for
general and/or special educators on a variety of topics.

Teach Like a MAGICIAN

In this teacher training, participants will explore MAGICIAN as an acronym, each letter representing a research- based practice that is vital for creating an environment conducive to learning. Practical applications are made throughout the presentation and each strategy can be used immediately in the classroom. 

Creating a Trauma Sensitive Learning Environment

Teachers play an important role in recognizing the signs of trauma. As a result, there is an urgent need for educators to be knowledgeable of effective classroom strategies that will assist them in creating a trauma- sensitive learning environment. This professional training provides participants with research-based, interactive, arts- based interventions that can be used immediately in their teaching practice. 

Managing Stress & Burnout

Educators, principals, counselors, and administrators have been focused on building resilience in students but often neglect the value of self-care. We may be familiar with the impact of trauma or chronic stress on our students, but are we aware of their impact on us? In this presentation, Dr. Spencer explores what stress is, the stress response cycle, and provides strategies we can use to avoid burnout. You can have stress without burnout, but you cannot have burnout without stress. 

How Do We Measure Student Success?

“Kevin was masterful with our area special education teachers. Through this educational outreach, teachers saw their students rise to the challenge of critical thinking and problem solving, maintain their focus to give attention to detail, and stay with a task long enough to see the solution. All teachers involved in this special workshop took valuable skills back to their classrooms. Kevin took the time to provide hands-on educational training — a unique resource that is a rich and meaningful learning tool to be embedded in daily routine of the classroom.”
Charlotte Smelser
Arts Education Director at Mississippi Arts Commission